Introducing the Team Powering Our Achievements

Nopavut Youngpatana

CEO, and Founder

Natt Chaiyawan

Strategy Director

Warut Rungteeranont


Arnat Tamnoraset


About Us

Unforeseen works that craft our lives

In 2016, A group of young adults, we kicked off Marketrue in our mid-20s with a strong desire to shake up the marketing industry. Who better to lead the change in digital marketing than young marketers who live and breathe digital platforms every day?

“Nobody really knew what they were doing, but they pretended they did!”

In the market, our biggest challenge was explaining the key concepts of customer behavior and the importance of a digital presence for brands. It was like letting a bunch of puppies loose in the backyard—they’d run around excitedly without knowing what’s essential and what’s not.

Years have passed. Some of those puppies didn’t make it, but some grew so big they even surprised us. We grew up too—steadily and maturely. The backyard days are behind us, and now we’re stepping into a deeper understanding of branding and marketing.

We’ve fallen in love with storytelling, and it’s something we truly enjoy. A little gossip along the way doesn’t hurt, right? We’re now surrounding ourselves with like-minded clients who appreciate our work—masterpieces that involve heart, not just money.

Years and years have shaped us into who we are today.

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